Dr. Ernest R. Marrone II is a Certified Medical Examiner listed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, and a preferred provider of DOT Physicals. Dr. Marrone was one of the first certified and is proud to work with drivers and motor carriers alike. Dr. Marrone is a proud provider of $99 DOT Physicals in three convenient Connecticut locations of Greenwich, Southbury and Colchester. Dr. Marrone offers a rate that is highly affordable and his experience impressive.

Call (203) 405-3627 anytime. Dr. Marrone performs DOT Physicals by appointment only, so there is no wait time and physicals are typically completed in 30 minutes or less. Additionally, Dr. Marrone sees commercial drivers early mornings, late evenings and weekends.

To speak to Dr. Marrone, FMCSA Certified Medical Examiner and provider of $99 CDL Medical Exams, about questions or concerns that you may have about your DOT Physical, call anytime. Dr. Marrone takes steps to be certain you are prepared for your CDL Medical Exam. He answers and returns calls around the clock.

Dr. Marrone, FMCSA Certified Medical Examiner, can examine commercial drivers from any state. For a CDL Class A, B, or C or CDL permit issued by the DMV you must hold a current US DOT Medical Examiners Certificate. Forms are available at the office.

If you wear glasses, use hearing aids or take prescription medication, bring them to the DOT Medical Exam to expedite issuance of your DOT Medical Card. See the “Preparedness Checklist” on the left of this page for more details if you have special circumstances such as diabetes or sleep apnea. This will ensure that your exam will go as smooth as possible. If you have specific questions or concerns contact Dr. Marrone, FMCSA Certified Medical Examiner, personally at (203) 405-3627 anytime.

See what commercial drivers and those in the industry have had to say about Dr. Ernest R. Marrone, FMCSA Certified Medical Examiner and proud provider of $99 DOT Physicals on Google.

“Professional, prompt and courteous experience. I definitely will be back next year and recommend Dr. Marrone highly.” -J.Costell

“Very professional and very convenient. Dr. Marrone is great at making himself available when you need a last minute physical, couldn’t believe he saw me on a Sunday morning. Also, sends text and email reminders before your medical card is about to expire and as reminders before your appointment, which is awesome. I won’t go to anyone else for my physical. I recommend him to every cdl driver I know.” -B.Gosselin

“Wish I knew about him a lot sooner and will continue to see him every 2yrs!!! Thank you Dr. Marrone!” -K.Montanez

“There was no waiting, you were seen at your scheduled time. The office is easy to get too. I would definitely recommend him.” -L.Schaeffer

“Very affordable, convenient, quick and accommodating!” -F.Mcfarlane

“Great place to get your DOT medical exam done at, Dr.Marrone works fast and is very professional.” -L.Velasquez

“For the past 4 years Dr.Marrone has performed my DOT physicals and I can honestly say I have never found a doctor in the past 47yrs that has taken his time to thoroughly answer all my questions and concerns.” -W.Patch

“The best DOT Doctor, very kind and great attitude. I recommend him to everyone.” -M.Pino

“Dr. Marrone will call you a week before just to remind you of your expiring DOT physical. So there is no chance of forgetting also once your in his office he’s very efficient and will you on your way on 30 min. I will recommend Dr. Marrone to all my friends who drive.” -M.Lennox

“Two DOT physicals with Dr. Marrone. He is onetime, personable and interested in your success.” -R.Pelletier

“Great place to get your dot physical exam been coming here for 6 years wouldn’t change it for no one else.” -V.Peralta

“Best way to get your DOT physical is with Dr. Marrone. He called me a week before it was due. My appointment was made and I was done in a flash. I highly recommend you call Dr Marrone.” -D.Takacs

“The doc is very good very professional and the hours are great I recommend him to everyone with a CDL.” -D.McNeil

“Went for a DOT exam and Dr Marrone is friendly while maintaining professional and efficient standards of service. I highly recommend him to everyone looking for a DOT medical exam.” -A.Medina

“Very professional and very easy to get in contact with, convenient hours and days. Great man, friendly and honest.” -M.Torres

“I recommend him to everyone even gives you a reminder before your medical card expires” – V.Corona

“Appointments made easily. Very accommodating. Text and email reminders sent prior to appointment. Very professional and courteous. Very thorough. Multiple location throughout Connecticut. Knowledge on multiple states DOT laws and regulations. Affordable and reasonable.” -B.Ezzo

“I’ve been a commercial driver and have had to have D.O.T. physicals done over the years and have to say Dr. Marrone was the most thorough exam to date, he is very helpful, friendly and professional. I will definitely recommend him to other commercial drivers needing this exam. Thanks again.”  -M.Camacho

“Makes a required process convenient and effective.” -K.Kelly

“Awesome and great deal!! I recommend anyone looking for a DOT physical to use Dr. Marrone, very convenient and quick and price is unbeatable. I would definitely recommend anyone I know to go to him.” -J.Nieves

“Excellent service clean environment pleasant staff….. very efficient and timely… very organized and knowledgeable and he won’t waste your time.” -T.Watson

“Dr. Marrone is extremely pleasant, professional and funny. He follows up a month before the medical card will expire so you can set up a timely visit to renew. Thanks Doc for all you do.” -F.Maro

“Courteous and professional during my second DOT Physical and prior visit. Appreciated the fact Dr. Marrone called me ahead of time to schedule in an appointment. Thank you for that convenient call.” -M.Batista

“Convenient location, easy to schedule appointment and affordable CDL physical exam. I definitely recommend Dr Marrone.” -M.Araujo

“Dr. Marrone was recommended to me from another driver, this is my second year seeing him and have nothing but good things to say. This doctor will see you anytime and I mean anytime, holidays included .The office is clean the wait time short and physical quick and thorough. I highly recommended seeing Dr.Marrone for your next Dot physical.” -B.T.

“The best DOT Doctor, very kind and great attitude. I recommend him to everyone.” -M.Pino