The Marrone doctors pride themselves in commitment to excellent care.

“Sciatica GONE! I am a Kindergarten teacher and artist. So, when sciatica struck at the end of August, not only was I in excruciating pain but I couldn’t imagine being able to teach when school started. I went to an orthopedic specialist who prescribed Celebrex, Vicodin, and a muscle relaxer but the pain was still intolerable. He told me Sciatica usually resolves itself in a few months. Months! I thought, I’ll have to go out on disability. Then a colleague who had been treated by the Doctors Marrone (Yes, they are a father and son team, so getting an appointment is never a problem). I saw Dr. Marrone the next day and, truly, after one treatment I was 60 % better. I scheduled three appointments for the next week and after each one there was more improvement. I have had 8 treatments so far and my sciatica is GONE! I am so grateful to my colleague who made the recommendation and to the Doctors Marrone for their knowledge and skill. Thank you!”

“Thank You Dr. Marrone!. I am 39 female who is physically active at least 5 times a week. I had developed numbness & pain on my left side; fingers, my left arm and back. I was becoming unable to participate in my weekly workout routine for a couple of weeks and I really needed some relief and I was worried I was going to have to cut back on exercise. I had never been to a Chiropractor before, so I was a little nervous on my first visit. Dr. Marrone immediately put me at ease by explaining to me everything he was going to do and is very kind. After my very first visit, I immediately had pain relief and started to feel my left hand fingers again! I have only gone to see him two times so far but I am looking forward to going to my next appointment. I feel better every time I go to see him and the pain & numbness is almost gone. He says I should be better within 10 days and should be back to my full exercise routine but I think it may be even sooner. I can’t wait to get back to my routine, I have a feeling I am going to be even better and stronger after being treated by him. I never knew how valuable visiting a chiropractor could be until now. I highly recommend going to visit Dr. Marrone. Thank You Dr. Marrone for making me feel so much better!”

“Thank you so much Dr. Marrone!. I am a thirty year old female who has been suffering with an on going headache since the age of seven. I have seen a million medical doctors and had even more surgurys trying to correct my headaches. Up to this point nothing has helped. I was referred to Dr. Marrone Jr. by a massage therapist who informed me my neck was believed to be out of alignment. Dr. Marrone confirmed this on my first appointment and I started seeing him 3 times a week for the first 2 weeks and now I am seeing him twice a week. I have officially seen him 9 times now and can finally say for the first time in 23 years I have not had a headache for 11 days straight! It’s a miracle!! I finally can say I know what it’s like to wake up and not have a headache! Deciding to see Dr. Marrone Jr. has been a life altering decision and I would definitely recommed him to everyone I know a thousand times over! Thank you so much Dr. Marrone for making my life and general health so much better. You are the best!”

“I have been going to see Dr. Marrone for years and I recommend him to all of my friends. He is patient and even though his office is often quite busy, I don’t have to wait too long. I also like that I can go anytime he is there – even without an appointment he will fit me in to be sure I can feel better.”